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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Your wish is My Command...


My birthday is coming over... Oh gosh! The thought of another year is gone and another year older is haunting me now. I am entering the 3 series... Gosh!!

But, this year, i am having an early celebration by by families at the office. Heheh... TPE, i know you are one of the secret planner. Like, on 29th Dec 2009, i came to the office, unnoticed of anything unusual. Our HR Queen, Kak Lin, ordered PIZZA. Too many, i may add. 12 of them! And we gathered at the normal wakaf table. Saying prayers and grab the food...

yeah, grab the food...


TPE came in with the muffins... i was sure it was for someone else...
TPE came in with Kak Seb and Ratna. TPE was holding a muffin with candles on it. We were singing a birthday song, and i still remember i did too while looking here and there of the birthday girl... ".... happy birthday to AIDA...!" haaa??? FOR ME? I stood immediately and laugh! And was soooo happy. That's all i could remember. Oh. and the moment when TPE placed a crown on my head. I AM A QUEEN NOW.

ya... ya... ya... i was jumping like a monkey seeing a banana... i was so excited...

See the crown? The last time i ever worn it was during my wedding. AND yes, when we had that special celebration for Unee before her wedding...

The muffins... hey, sounds like a band name... i cant recall, can you?

Look at my facial expression... VERY important... it shows how much i adore all these plans...

They gave me a handbag by SUZY SMITH. Nice one and so soft... i wonder what makes Kak Lin so Happy...and laughing like that...

and TPE with Shanaz gave me a set of story books - Devils Wear Prada: my fav! Gosh... i was trembling and i cannot eat. Haha. But see my mouth? I can still add another 2 more pizza slices... hahah...

These are some of the troops that made my day a lively one.... Thanks a bunch dears...

And today, 30th Dec 2009, after a visit to HKL (my aunt is here, some checkups after her breast cancer's operation), i saw a paper bag written: ARIANI... heheheh... my wishlist... i got 2 colors: black and chocs... These are my wishes.... THANKS A ZILLION GUYS!
errr.... just the paper bag... inside got the tudungs... tomorrow i want to shop more... hahahaha

Well, frankly, i am open for more gifts. I love gifts. After all, you are getting it once a year. or twice if you are getting married or celebrating your anniversary on the same year.

Thanks to all dear friends for making this year's birthday a memorable one (well, it is always been a memorable one, but this time it's extra special...)

Happy New Year!

Monday, December 28, 2009

anniversary celebration


Remember when i told you Naza brought us all to a nice dinner at Kak Long Paradise? I have always wanted a moment for only the two of us actually. No, no, no. I'm not saying that i dont fancy celebrating with the rest of the family, and more importantly, my dearest Aryssa ('buah cinta' as they usually refer it). It's just that, i like to be Naza's centre of the attention. You know, holding hands, talking about us, and the like.

So, i end up planning a romantic dinner at Mandi-Mandi Restaurant in Ampang. Well, to be honest, i was up to plan for my father and mother's anniversary dinner there. But then i figured, why not going there and experience it myself and then i can plan for them. I secretly planned it to happen on 15th Dec 2009 (ya, like a week after the occasion). But Naza mentioned that he has something on in the first place. Cit, it will be postponed. Suddenly he said he had to cancel it!

"Okay, abang, nanti kita singgah pasar malam jap ye," I said, while we were in the car. I applied my mascara. "La, gi pasar pun nak pakai mascara?" "Yela, muka tak siap je ni... nanti org kata apa plak,"

"Oh, masuk exit last ye..." "Nak ke mana?" "Adalah" "Kalau melibatkan amik2 gambar, ke, apa ke, taknak ye... tadi kata nak gi pasar malam" Aiseh. What la... talk too much...

ENd the end, we arrived at Mandi-mandi. He was overwhelmed with the surroundings. FULL OF GREENS! he said that when we are able, we should buy a house here. I WILL PRAY FOR IT. Erhh... have a driver for me ok... cos there is no public transport coming in this WELL-TO-DO area.
So, we entered. We seated. We ordered. WE enjoyed the company of the two of us. Most of all, we cherished our privacy... hehehe... pictures speak better:

happy couple... bad angle.. Cheshhh.... i hate this...

we had: tom kah mixed seafood. Yummy. creamy. i loike.
NAza's fav veggie: asparagus in garlic!

and grilled squids... delicious...

oh.. the keropok with sambal thai. BTW, it is a Malay-Thai cuisine...

tea for him (hey abg, you can have this at home... i can make you a JUG!)

The signature drink: tamarind juice...

So, after the dinner... i paid the bill....

Ok... the receipt says it all: good food come with good price. hahahah...

Sunday, December 27, 2009

What has happened lately?

I know. I know. A lot has happened, but i dont have the time to update you guys (as if you want to know, but i do, when i am alone and reading my own blog while hubby is working and Aryssa is sleeping). Here goes...

Oh... little darling now can suck a lollypop!! But her saliva will drool like nobody cares! And she hates it when someone take it out from her mouth. Naughty girl! Look at her face... She was mad because i did just that!

Whoopppsssyyy!!! NAza Junior? A technician? No.. No.. No.. Cutie!! You are born to be: a newscaster, an Emcee, DJ, anything related with your voice, babe... if you hadn't heard her, you will be amazed of her tone of voice... VOILA!!!

Oh. this was at Titiwangsa... Hubby represented his sport house; YELLOW in badminton. I did not enter anything. NVRmind. I can just sit and watch. Aryssa wore Yellow and Blue, just to make sure she cheered for both her parents' sport houses. hahah. TO ADD: She was sooo uncontrollable!! running here and there. Lucky me, there was a room with a ircond and she slept like 2 hours!

Oh... cute, isnt she? LIKE ME>

Wah... Roslin or Hafiz Hashim? You pick. But he will always be my sweetie pie NAza... heheheh...
Align Center

we went to a wedding of Haslina, our ex-officemate... next to me is my officemate, Ayu. her husband took this pics. Oh my! I have updated this before... See... how terrible my memory is... NVRmind... next please....

This is the picture i sent to huggies photo contest. Not a good one, i know, but i like the veil so much. We are waiting for the announcement. Thanks to those voted!

One weekend, i dragged my Mama to a friend's house. She is having her daughter's birthday eating ceremony. hahah. Happen to be, she lives just nearby another friend of mine, an ex-colleague. So, we visited her as well. Her husband, who is an officemate too, took this picture. He's into gadget. Lucky me Naza dont really fall for this. Phew! If not, I would have been his subject. EVERYDAY. hahah.

Love this too... it's like: MOTHER AND DAUGHTER HAVING THEIR MOMENT TOGETHER. heheh... this was taken by Hafiz during the Raya Makan2 at his mother's KAFA.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Salam everyone...

When you look at the calendar, December is the month where we can all get Friday off, the most. For those working in Selangor, even more enjoyed. Last week, it was Awal Muharam, this week is the Christmas and next week... THE NEW YEAR cum my birthday!! Oh... another year older (and wiser, i hope).

Someone asked for a wishlist. I dont really agree with this wishlist thingy. But, someone else said, it is better for you (those who are to be celebrated of), have your own wishlist so that we can get what you want instead of giving whatever junk.

So, guys, here are some. TPE, i read yours before i did mine. But, i believe your wishes and mine are TOTALLY different babes! Ok, here goes:

1. My courtshoes suck. My Bonia is 3 years old plus. BUT, i dont like A cut shoes. I like comfortable, yet elegant courtshoes (hey, i am a PR Exec, cant i be presentable?). So, you can drag me to buy it so that it fits me. hahaha.

2. My office bag - i am currently using what TPE has given me (nice of you babe). previously, i borrowed from my twin sisters. Oh! The bag should be easy to hold onto in a sardine-packed LRT, sufficient space for my make up case, my 2 purses, my handphones' case, my notebook, my pendrives' case, etc. MEANING: able to handle weight and hopefully it has figure. Oh. I dont fancy those you have to struggle to get things inside: esp handphones. GOT THIS ALREADY!! Hehehe...

3. I NEED A LAPTOP (okay, you can tell this to my hubby)

4. I NEED A HANDPHONE which i can access the INTERNET anytime, anywhere (okay, this too... to my hubby)

5. NO WATCH please. I am a single user type. AND NO PERFUMES. I had tonnes in my beauty box (oh, it reminds me of my Hugo Boss Red Intense. Where is it ya...). NO SHIRTS/BLOUSE - cos, my figure (small but big) cant fit most of them, trust me. Well, KAIN PASANG can... but please not the one that can see through. I'm a tudung lady now. But high class chiffon can! hahaha... kidding. Get those at JAKEL, 70% discount. ooopppsss!

6. Surprise me with a birthday bash: i have never, in my 4 years of working, had been celebrated by colleagues simply becos my birthday falls on a HOLIDAY FOR THE WHOLE WORLD! Cit. You guys can have it before or after la... heheheh... Thanks to my officemates, I GOT THIS TOO!

7. TUDUNG! Wow. It can be from ARIANI (never have one), or from FAREEDA (oh gimme receipt as i am contesting in some sort of contest for FAREEDA), or just RATU. BUT no selendang pls... been there, done that. Maybe a simple tudung like what i bought from Danau Kota, white colored, with sequins, can do (see... i am a cheapskate. Duh!). Colors: Black, DArk choc, Beige. they call it: the PRIME ones. Oh. two tudungs from Ariani. Black and Dark Choc... I loiikkkee... gonna get more for myself... from HAWA pulak... hahaha

8. Oh, after a thorough check, i dont have a white colored shoes. I mean, the one for outings. I love shoes where you can see the toe, but covered the back of your feet. And not too high. TPE, you know my type - you've seen one in the GME. Oh. heaven.

9. SPA and HAIR TREAT!! GOsh... if you see me now, you would not believe my hair! Note: dont go to a Chinese saloon and ask for a layered cut before you ask: you cut bit by bit or... as-you-like? Cos, i got the second. And it did horror to me. Lucky me in tudung... hahah. So, a day in a spa or/and saloon will do the magic!

10. Oh.... on my list number here... let's see... A SUNGLASS. It's been ages... Oh, please. dont the 60's... heheh..

Ok guys, so you know what to get me... MY FAV CAKE: OREO CHEESE or RASBERRY Cheese (i want all to be fat like me). These are my wish but anything that you give will be accepted (provided it's usable. heheh..).

So, happy hols! And happy gift-searching!

happy new year... hey, i hope hubby is on leave that day to celebrate the day. tell this to him too, frens... hehehhee...

Monday, December 14, 2009



It's late... I have to sleep. Tomorrow's gonna be good. I like events as much as i like to sing. I love PR and i thank you Allah for giving me this talent i have always shared with people. And i pray that this will last forever: PR = AIDA = PR.

BTW, read these list of tasks and you'll get the picture of how in love am i even though this is another dept's event. PR = EVENT = PR = AIDA = EVENT.

Oh. and, where the hell is my BD task? I dunno. cos i think they can survive with the number of ppl they have. DONT SAY I DIDNT HELP. I do and always will whenever they want me to. Frankly, they have been coming to seek assistance in terms of wordings, translating and the like... no more than that and i can see they let me do what i'm good at: PR & EVENTS. Thanks peaches!! BD = ERR... YOU put your preferred name la... okay? Okay, here is the list:


Emailed to all staffs on the campaign

Emailed to Wati on the list of VIPs (23/11)

Mini meeting 2/12


Flyers ready and to be copied by trainee and send to info counters 4/12

Emailed on the items discussed during mini meeting 4/12

Edited the fax invitation: proceed to send to exhibitors (7/12)

Edited the invitation list: En Hazman to approve 7/12

Emailed to HBY on the button badge request: the wordings – emailed en hazman on the design (7/12)

Reminder on the button badge, list invitation to En Hazman 8/12

Emailed to bosses for the launching date 8/12

Button badge confirmed: Hezri to check on price 8/12

Continue the guestlist as the list has been approved. Trainee Azim to call tomorrow 8/12

Updated the status 9/12

Emailed to Kak Rose on the reply letter from NIOSH 9/12

Prepared Emcee script 10/12

Sent the details of the event to Intranet and Website 10/12

Prepared media release – sent to Corp Comm 10/12

Prepared/amended the speech for WS – En Hazman to check 11/12


Press invite – Trainee Azim to fax over 11/12

Finalized the speech – printed for media 11/12


tHIS picture says it all: I LOVE PR

pic credit to: