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Thursday, September 30, 2010

aryssa is two years already!

Oh my god! Yes! This is one of the sentences she can utter now.

Ok, oh my god! What happened to my blog? Where have my sense of humour and writing gone to? Shaits. It has been so longgg! I should write more (before I got myself pregnant again). Shuusshh.

Anyway, 17th sept 2010 marks two years since the birth of my beloved aryssa. I can still remember the day when I can't bear the pain. And the day I can positively think the longest day of my life. On that day, I have been stamped: "ummi".

I have a few dreams or rather activities which need to be done before I gv aryssa her adik. A birthday party for her. And a photo session with the 3 of us. My work and lack of time has taken it's place. I haven't plan anything yet on these. *sigh*.

Among the sweetest moments since her last bday were the day when she qualified as the finalist of carrefour little ambassador. The time whan she always sing a diff song when she's back from school. Her vocabulary advances everyday! Most importantly, she reminds me of "little me". Heheh.

I hope she will be a good girl and always remember that life is not just about work and money.

Happy birthday dear aryssa!

*gifts are welcome! No more alatulis or writing boards ya*