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Friday, December 23, 2011

Another Wishlist... Another Year!

Assalamualaikum and good day!

Since the last post on my UNLUCKY day, I have been so careful to the extend I would not want to open the gate anymore each time we reach home. Yeah, call me spoilt, but you will never know what I have gone through.

Without realizing, my birthday is getting nearer and I am coming to 3series! Joy!!

Okay, if you read my post before the entering of January 2011, I have informed some of my wish list as follow:
1. going for a vacation wif my boy n girl - okay, let see, yes, the pangkor trip, the Double Tree, okay. Consider ACHIEVED.
2. I wish to have a new purse, the one u can place ur hp too, but not too bulgy. I have been searching for one, and I hv yet to find it - Thanks to my officemates and SIL - ACHIEVED!!
3. superb health thru the year and always. So that I can fulfill my other wishes, and be a good mom n wife. Also a good muslim - so far, there was no serious health cases for me, except the ectopic and miscarriage. other than that.... ACHIEVED!
4. I want cheesecake. Marble. Ends. Hahah - Don't ask, even if i didnt get it from other people, i buy it... hehe. ACHIEVED!
5. I want to get pregnant by may 2011 - okaaaaayyyy.... this is complicated. I did get pregnant in May 2011, but it was miscarried in August 2011. Can this be counter ACHIEVED? But nevermind, there still be more to come.

So, for the coming 2012, I hereby announce my wishlist (again). And let us hope the KPI is achieved this time *big grin*
1. More adventurous travel session with me and my boy and my girl (no, not to Taman Negara. but just a longer journey).
2. Getting pregnant and to go through the safely deliver the baby, perhaps by 2012 *come on Aida, you can do this!!*
3. No more handbag please, I'm still in trauma. *sigh!* But, but... another good clutch is good! put all my cards and things. and handphone. and NEVER put them in my handbag. So, at least, if the same incident happen again, the culprit will get an empty bag! hahahahaha!
4. Stella Perfume. Shahnim knows this. hahah.
5. Johor - Singapore trip!
6. A secondhand handphone - the one that can make a video call.
7. Spa session at Kharayena Spa in PJ! Wow!!
8. Photoshoot session for our 5th Anniversary... wow.. it reminds me la...
9. Another trip on plane with Aryssa and Naza.
10. Okay, last but not least, I want more honeymoon trips! 

Okay, enough said. See ya next time!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Unlucky Day

Salam everyone...

The happiness due to my 4th Wedding Anniversary was suddenly being taken away by an incident, which i really hope had not occur to anyone in my family.

9th Dec 2011
I was home alone with Aryssa. Naza was outstation - attending a wedding in Kedah with a number of ppl i know. He gave me a "weapon" just in case i need it since I'm sleeping at my house that night. The night went well (reading a story book really helped to make the time passed so fast!!).

10th Dec 2011
My twin sisters came and picked us for AEON Setiawangsa - attending Emma's Birthday Party at A&W. She's my SIL's niece - same age as Aryssa. We went off at about 5.15 pm and arrived at my home to pick up some things since we want to sleep at Mom's house.

We arrived home. Before my sister could turn the car to park in front of our home's gate, a kancil passed us by - on the right lane. We were shocked and angry. The driver was a guy. There was a lady holding a baby beside him - her window was wide opened. She looked at us all in the car - the look one gave when someone is lost.

The car made a 3-point, and i saw it parked in front of a neighbour's house, like 3 houses from ours. My sister went out and opened the gate for us. I went out, took my handbag, and saw the guy sitting at the back on the kancil came out, chatting and laughing at the driver. And he checked his back tyre - as if it was flat.So i guess, nothing is wrong.

I took something from mother from outside - she sat at the back of the driver's seat. My other sister, with Aryssa, saw the same guy walked straight to me. She thought he was my friend.

He snatched by handbag,which made me shocked and fell down on the road. I was so panicked that I was still holding on the bag. I could not see his face, but he was bold. He tried to run away, but I know he must be trying hard (because I am big. and pulling the bag WITH me, definitely is hard). My mom, and 2 sisters were screaming panickly. Some neighbours did come out AND WATCH.

I was being pull on the road. and finally i let it go. the culprit ran like mad and got in the kancil. Funnily, the kancil did not speed up but instead moved on slowly, with me and my little energy trying to get hold of the car.

By this time, my next-to-home neighbour came out running and got on his bike to chase the CULPRITS. I was lying on the road, realizing i could not hold, legs were shaking, my mind was so blur and cried like crazy. It did not matter to me what else to do except screaming for help. It was so disgusting to see a lady with a child involved in this crime. DOUBLE UNLUCKY DAY.

6.30 pm
We went for a police report at the nearest Balai Police after surveying the area for any sign of the kancil (i called Naza and cried so much). By this time, i just realized that i am in pain on my left knee andon my chest. I slowed down, and gave all the necessary information. By this time, I am fully awake and no more tears. Police later informed it was rare for a car to snatch, then this must me "SAMUN".

8.00 pm
Next, we went to the Balai Polis Besar. Here, i gave the same testimonial and was treated good. The injury was taken a photo. My sister, who got to see the face informed the other police for a photofit. And 3 detectives came in for more details. Lucky us, we got to see the car number: WRN 5737 - kancil in white. It belongs to a Chinese male. But further investigation was in process.

9.00 pm
We finally arrived home. Naza informed his nephews and they came to visit me. I was still shock and still felt so bad.

How could this happened to me? I am a very cautious lady, after all. I normally checked the area before coming out of the car.

Tetapi, setiap kejadian ada hikmahnya:
1. It was better me than my mom - she's old and she might not be able to stand the pain and panic.
2. It was better me than my sibling with Aryssa - it might turn out to be another story, with a child in hand
3. It was better me than my SIL who is 7 months pregnant - cannot tell what could have happened. :(
4. It was better this way than there is any man with us to fight the culprit - or else more injuries could have been happened.
5. I was not harm by any weapon - like many cases in news. ALHAMDULILLAH. He could have hurt me when he tried to get my bag - like a punch on my stomach.

And i believe, there will be more REZEKI for me. I have asked Allah for so long, so I guess, He just need to take something and give later. INSYA ALLAH.

The bag was filled with my BB, my newly-secondhand-bought Nokia N73 (which yet to be paid), cash of RM200, my ATM Cards, IC, Mykid,etc. My makeup bag, my house keys. All these can be replaced, but not my life. ALHAMDULILLAH.

To those reading, please be more careful. If you are careful, be EXTRA careful. THIS can happen to anyone. WRN 5737 is somewhere is Taman Sri RAmpai. I have given the info to the detective, but dont know what has been done.

Please wish me well. AND yes, keep my numbers as I will be getting the replacement simcards on Monday. Oh, so my wishlist for 2012 is: another BB CURVE pls.or any other smartphone so that I can always connect to the people i love (haha. takpela if i have to top up... adoi... melayang duit). Thanks for the concerns received through my siblings numbers too.

Love yourself first.