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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

company's annual dinner

it has been ages. ages. ages since my last entry and ages since the last annual dinner.

so here goes. am a little bit upset with the setting of the whole dinner. before i begin, let me congrats the committee members. they have done a good job but i know the concept just went wrong.

it begins with the theme of the night: beach party. as a lady with tudung, it is quite restricted. but well, being a fashion diva, i managed well. hahahaha. thanks to my twins, they had me look great that night (i did my own make up, unlike previous years where i will have someone else to do it).

venue is at the sun surf beach of sunway lagoon. i hate to say this, but sunway lagoon is overrated. unless u come to swim and hav ur family day, there rest are dull. and yes, our venue is out in the open. not inside a hall (reason why i dont want to waste my money on make up. hahahah).

so, we were there just in time, started at 8.30pm. this time i think it happened on time. good job! upon entering, staff are everywhere! we ended duduk tersepit-sepit wif frens. sigh. seating is definitely tak sufficient la i might say. i didnt get to watch the opening gimmick. was made to understand it was the 'fire dancing' again. lucky me.

fara fauzana n FBI did a good job too, they tried to make it lively. i loike. tapi fafau punya baju simple gile.

so, now, the food section: HORRENDOUS!! i mean, i thought i was at a bazaar ramadhan trying to figure out what to have to break fast. of cos, bila beach theme je, ada la grill bbq. the asap? punah ozon. hahahah. but then again, i tak sempat nak survey food apa lagi yang ada. it was soooo crowded. yela, staff came as early as 6.00pm and solat kat sana. imagine the perut bunyiknya macamana.
ended: i ate a piece of chicken and a slice of choc cake, and 4 glass of orange juice. naza had a lamb grilled with blood sauce. yup. masih belum masak.

ok. first half of the performance: best. fresh songs sang by a group of blind. but voices are cool! i loike.

second half: noryn aziz? adoi. but i was made to understand it was the boss' decision. takleh buat apa la. but for a beach theme, kene get someone else la kan? she was out of reach. we cant sing along. sbb songs dia jarang didengar. and the moment dia nyanyi lagu "nobody" by wondergirls... adoi, i though i sang well.

apapun, i did enjoy meeting frens, tapi disebabkan malam and the seating was bad, view kurang la. tak jmpa semua pun. pictures taken. gelak2. oh tapi nak bcakap kene jerit2 la. sengal.

let's hope lepas ni dinner is an exclusive dinner in a hotel. so barulah staff rasa lebih up. hehheheh.

just my 2 cents.

oh. pictures for you:
inilah saya di malam itu, managed it well. walaupun befor tu rasa tkmo pegi dah sbb tk tau nak pakai apa...

yang ni dgn abg fisherman, heheheh, my hubby. thanks for being supportive dengan memakai apa yg saya suruh. hahahahah.