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Monday, November 30, 2015

Craving for tempoyak Daun...

Assalamualaikum everyone!

Do you always experience airliur meleleh dek kerana terlihatkan post kwn2 pasal food kat social media? I do. Always do. Normally when that happened, I will try my best to get it; either by searching the recipe and make it on my own, ask my husband to drive me to the place that serve the food, or simply order online, Suh org bikinkan.

Tapi kali ni, i made an effort to make it myself walaupun Perut jauh ke depan dah. The craved food? Tempoyak Daun! Yummy! Let me bring you to my kitchen now. Warning: please have your tissue with you cause you will be drooling. Haha.

Okay, selepas kita panaskan kuali dengan minyak, kita masukkan tempoyak yang sudah diblend dengan cili padi. Berapa byk? Terpulang la kat u ols. Nak pedas, nak masam, taruk sendiri.

Lepas tu masukkan hirisan bawang merah dalam 3, 4 biji. Sapa suka bawang boleh letak lebih.

Then, the anchovies. 

Aaaaa and the best part, gives you the aroma! Hirisan daun kaduk, daun kunyit dan daun kesom.. Yum yumyum..

Petai. Dan sedikit serbuk kunyit kalau nak kaler cantik sikit. Masak sampai pecah minyak Ye. 

Tadaaaa! Dah siap! Senang kan?

So, that's how you do it. Eat it with rice. Or bread. Or simply with your favourite ulam. Love it!

Next time kena cari makanan lain untuk dicoba Before I deliver.

Credot to:
https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10153259743263354&id=572698353 for the shared menu.

Yum yum yum.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A busy week for aryssa

Salam to all!

The school holiday is here! Tahniah aryssa sebab berjaya mengharungi tahun satu dengan penuh suka duka. Haha. Well, to be honest, her result was not as what I have expected, but, nevermind, I know she can do better.

Anyway, last week was the last school week. It was full of activity. Thanks to the school and the teachers for making an effort to make sure the students spent their time well. Yela, dah takde kelas kan...

It started with the school carnival on 14 Nov. Ada macam2 aktiviti. Rumah hantu la, booths selling all sorts of items and of course FOOD! Mak dia jadi panik sekejap sebab terlampau banyak pilihan. Haha. Gemok.

They have this sand art booth. But it was prickly hot. I couldn't stand to wait. So I waited at the canteen. Supportive sungguh umi aryssa ni. 

Ada pony ride. Kesian dua ekor Pony ni. Nampak keletihan. And nak naik beratur panjangggg. So we skipped.

Ada jugak outdoor playground. Panas sungguh. So we skipped too.

Yang ni... Makan je la dia leh buat. Haha. Nak main apanya semua untuk kekanak dewasa.

Overall, the school carnival was a success. Met a few parents too. 

Lepas tu, during that very last week, they had jamuan akhir tahun, hari kerjaya. Masa jamuan. Cikgu Safiah did an activity during the class feast. She had the kids make their own cupcakes! Nice!

This picture was taken during the "Hari Kerjaya". All students got to dress as anyone they like. Easiest of all, I asked aryssa to dress up as a teacher. "boleh la. Aryssa nak jadi cikgu seni." haha. Apa2 pun boleh la nak. Janji berjaya. Tekala dia yang mana satu.. Cikgu kelas dia yang jado peramugari tu. Sweet kan?

The final day of school. Cikgu Safiah once again made a very good effort to ensure the kids are happy. Setiap seorang dapat one pencil case. A memory with their beloved teacher. Lepas ni cikgu kelas dah bertukar. Gonna miss her teacher. Soft spoken, kind and motherly. 

Maka tamatlah sudah setahun. Now is the time for me and her father to be more proactive and spend more on her education. I'm not thinking of sending her to a tuition class, but more of spending more money on self enhancement. Teringat dulu2 mama selalu hantar kitorang attend lots of fun classes kat Mara masa cuti sekolah. Dah takde ke kelas2 tu Ye?

Next: a happy ponyday!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Nature at its best!

Salam to all!

June was my last post? Horrible! Okay, to bring back my writing skills, which looks bad nowadays, I shall start off with my unforgettable experience at Plassid Villa, somewhere in Ampangan, Negeri Sembilan.
I was being invited by a fren, Mahir, to surprise my BFF for her birthday. It's a weekend getaway, kind of. After a long hard work at the office for an event which has ended, I thought that this might be a good treat for me and my family. Mahir was the masterplan. Me and other BFF were asked to gather some food and items. She is indeed a good planner. Envy her.

Our journey to the place takes about 2 hours. I can't remember much about the route, but I know we went through LEKAS Highway. Yes, I was sleeping before we reached TOL AMPANGAN.

U may need to buy whatever you want before your journey up to the villa. We bought ice for drinks at a mamak restaurant there. According to my Mr driver aka husband, mamak said shops here all closed by 7pm.

Owner of Plassid Villa, Ms. apple is indeed a very nice and friendly lady. So she gave the key to the villa to one of us and also the key for this main gate. This gate is the access for all the villas located here, including the shorea. So we waited with another car to be rescued. Someone MUST come down and unlock the gate. It's advisable to take your car along when doing this. Or else, you'll be sweating like you just had a marathon run.

This is the staircase to the entrance of the villa.

And this is the dining area. Nice view while having your lunch, breakfast, dinner or anytime you feel like eating. The view at dawn is so special. Fog. Not Haze. Can be seen here.

Upon arrival, my two princesses can't wait to feast on this "treasure"! Shakyra ate non-stop that we had to pack up the items for sanity. Haha.

A small living room at the villa. Where you can simply chat with your loved ones or read the books readily available here. Simple set of sofa. Less is more!

Bar counter. Order your food and they will pass them to you. Haha. Got some space to place your belongings here too.

I loveeee the kitchen. It uses electric stove only. They have a microwave, paper plates, cups etc. U can always use the plates on the kitchen counter. Aunt Apple kept those she thinks not suitable to be used by Muslims in another place. She's so thoughtful! Oh. There's a fridge too. Owner also supplied some bread, buter, jam, milk, juices and eggs for breakfast. And plenty of DIY hot drinks! Lovely!

Here's the bathroom. The main one. It has rocks u used to walk for reflexology. Pain means you have something wrong somewhere in your blood circulation. So eat well (I'm talking to myself. Haha)

Now, choose to take ur bath the old way...

Or the new way! Hehe. Oh, yes, another bathroom is just at the back of the villa. Not that creepy la.

Haaaa this area is called "dataran love". U can see it right? The place we had abg naza did the BBQ thing while we girls gossiping upstairs. 

Romantic table for two at the bedroom.

This villa comes with 2 queen sized beds and 4 single beds. So it fits for 8 pax. But,you can always bring extra toto. And pillows. And blankets. I didn't aee that many mosquitoes except at dawn. But beware of bees. Never step on them even if they are dead. The sting will remain.

And..  To my surprise, I met Najib, our agency staff at the office here. Apparently he's a good fren of Mahir and THE BDAY GIRL, aka my BFF, che tene. What a small world!

Mahir is a good planner. She even planned some games for us. We had a game of "potong bawang", "guessing the name of Kuih Melayu" and "completing that old song in bawang Puteh,bawang merah story". Hilarious! So this is group bawang Puteh. 

This is bawang merah. Yes. Yes. Protruding belly. 

There's also a small jacuzzi. The water comes from the hills. So it's so refreshing!

Our breakfast. Consists of the prepared items by aunt Apple and cooked with love by Mahir. Heheh.

See the fog? Taken the nite before while waiting for our dinner.

The view. Taken from the bedroom. 

Group photo!

Goodbye Plassid Villa! We will definitely coming back!

To che Hartene Samsudin... Take care love and happy birthday always!
To Mahir, thanks for inviting us. Awesome company with good food and view is all I could ask for after days of tiredness!
To eli, nurul, tini, najib and Patrick.. U guys made the getaway completed!

Till next time! Oh, yes, THIS IS A MUST GO PLACE