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Saturday, December 25, 2010

another week to another year...

Today's christmas, and exactly a week after that, it will be the celebration of a new year. And of course another celebration of my bday.
Last year I hv made a list of items I wanted for my bday. This year.. This year.. I can't think of anything else except going for a vacation wif my boy n girl. Anyhow, I will be planning it I guess cos naza doesn't really know how to (perhaps u can help him and this will b a very good surprise for me!).
after what happened, I hv just realized that I have not been enjoying life to the fullest. I am a little bit stingy when it comes to vacation. Of cos, in terms of having good food. Thus, I wish this year I can enjoy more during the vacation and less worry on the "expensive" food the serve in the hotel. After all, it's my money and I shud spend it wisely.
Oh!! Speaking of gifts, I wish to have a new purse, the one u can place ur hp too, but not too bulgy. I have been searching for one, and I hv yet to find it. Saw one in charles n keith. But not to my expectation (and yes, remember, I was "stingy"). The purse shud also hold all my rubbish too and easy to hold anywhere: read anywhere.
Thirdly, I wish for my superb health thru the year and always. So that I can fulfill my other wishes, and be a good mom n wife. Also a good muslim.
Upon writing, I watched AFC. I want cheesecake. Marble. Ends. Hahah.
Here's the final wishlist: I want to get pregnant by may 2011.

Recap: pls help naza to plan the hols for me. Say to him, budget is between rm1k - rm2k (hahaha). And yes, I do love surprises.

Enuff mumbling. The med is kicking in. Better stop before I wish something weird like a pair of la senza.. ;)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

good, bad, goo news

Salam everyone.
Been too busy with work and life and I ended up ignoring my blog at all. Tho I must admit I have lots of things to say. I spilled them out at my fb instead.

After cikcha's 2 yrs old, naza n I decided that it's time for another baby. With the current economic, we thot we could manage it well.
Lots of things being filled with and we even attended the company trip; as our second honeymoon trip. Tho that was not really a romantic trip; to ho chi minh city, the fact that we will be alone together (oh well, how can we forgot our little one! We called her so often fr HCM, my sister got annoyed!!).

And it finally happened. I am confirmed 6 weeks pregnant!! Gosh! I am ever so thankful! I am a little bit nervous, I tested twice and the final say was fr our normal doc.


But I noticed that this time my pregnancy was quite bad. I had bad backache, pinggang sore, and quite a sickness. Ppl say diff pregnancy, diff style. I also got bad cough. Until, one saturday, I was sent to emergency room for a very bad stomachache. They were afraid it's ectopic pregnancy (which I hope not). And the doc on duty confirmed it wasn't. It was just gastric. I was on leave until monday.
Come tuesday, I went to the office. I slipped and fell. Nobody knows becos I was still walking to the office. Since there was no bleeding, doc asked me to stay home: bed rest. No ultrasound as saturday was confirmed good.
Come thursday, I was so eager to visit my gynae, just to make sure all is alright. And it wasn't. The baby was not in my womb. I hav to be operated.


I was shocked, I cried. I felt empty. I felt so weak. I just don't know waht to do. But my gynae is a specialist, I have to believe her. She said there are blood clots in my womb. What made me sad, I saw it last saturday. And then it was not there.
I was warded the same day and operated on friday morning for 2 hours. Doc say my uterus is ok. My left ovary is good. But my right ovary, is gone. Tho so, pregnancy chances is high.


As I was resting on bed, I typed this to send messages to all mothers or future mothers to always becareful. Have an early checkup. It cud save u. And ur baby.
I am recovering well. Pls continue ur prayers...