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Friday, September 2, 2016

Petrosains Science Festival is back!

Salam to all!

This will be a very short blog post, so rugi kalau tak baca. Haha.

Cuti sekolah pertengahan tahun is almost here. It's from 10 to 18 September 2016. So adik-adik and parents who have yet to plan any activity for this joyous occasion (well, for the students sbb tak payah susun buku ikut jadual, and for the parents sbb takde aksi lari sana sini hantar anak sekolah agama, taekwando, bagai and of course jalan kurang jem), COME AND VISIT PETROSAINS! Sebab apa?

Selain centre kitorang yang membawakan sains dengan cara yang lebih menarik dan of course fun, we will be having a week of Petrosains Science Festival from 13 to 18 September 2016. Meh share sikit picture:

Haaaa. Nampak tak tu. Ada website khas for this special event tau.

Venues will be at the Galleria Petrosains where we have lined up fun workshops for all ages. Also, talks and forums on exciting topics. And then over the weekend, 16 - 18 september 2016, we will extend our venue to tge Esplanade, Suria KLCC. See below:-

Aaaaa so venue dah confirm. Date dah tau. Entrance fee? It's so cheap you know! Rm5 per pax per entry (infant below 2 yo tak payah bayar. Ateeya dan shakyra free la kot eh? Heheh). And if you wish to join the workshop, it will be from rm10 per pax per workshop. Senarai seperti di bawah:-

Aaaaaa. See? Cheap kan? Kadang nak masuk workshop luar pon berpuluh2 ringgit sorang tau. Oh jap. Kalau nak tau lebih lanjut on workshops that we offer AND to purchase tickets online, bolehlah visit www.petrosains.com.my ye or from the website in the poster tu akan ada link to purchase.

There. I have told you all about it.. Tak lama dah event ni. In 2014, we have disappointed faces sbb tk dapat nak join workshop. Adalah lebih baik beli je online. Jangan lupa print apa yang patut ye.

It's gonna be fun and educational at one venue! Can't wait to see you there!

Oppppp chup! Pernah tgk barang2 kat gift shop petrosains? Ada mcm2 from DIY science things, gifts, soft toys, stationeries and macam2 laaaa. What's even better is, we are having a sale from 1 - 25 September 2016! Special for school holidays ni tauuu..

So, dah la haze kat luar tu, takyah susah2, meh dtg Petrosains at Level 4, Suria KLCC. Sejuk je kt sini. Heheheeh. 

Friday, January 22, 2016

I have opened up my special "delivery" birthday gift!

Assalamualaikum wbt and happy new year!

Thanks for those who have sent their warm wishes on my birthday (1 jan). I truly appreciate your thoughts. This year, my birthday is even more special as I received a very special gift from Allah. In a form of: a baby girl!

She was born on 15 January 2016. Exactly 2 weeks after my birthday. This is my first experience to deliver a baby at night. The others were born during the day. And I must admit, it's a bit tiring. Hehe. Wanna know what happened that day, the day my baby was born? I will try to keep it short and simple!

11 Jan:
I had an appointment with my doc, Dr Kamariah (Kay). According to the VE, I have dilated 2 cm. Wow. Doc gave me a week mc. Just to be safe.

Throughout the mc days, I did not feel any pain. Just some ache around the abdomen, waist, pelvic etc. I did my birth ball exercises. And eat a lot!

15 Jan, 10am:
Now, at this point, I felt a bit uneasy. My contractions started to be frequent but not that painful. I sent my contractions calculation to my doc. And she asked me to see doc zana as soon as my husband is home from work.

6.45 pm:
Yes. There were contractions. And yes, now it has dilated 4cm. Membrane is soooo soft, so doc zana requested be to be ready to be admitted at Dewan Bersalin Muslimah in Gombak. We went home and get some stuff. And of course kissed my other 2 daughters.

8.30 pm:
Arrived at the scene. VE 6cm dilated.

9.30 pm:
Nurse normah broke my water. And by now, it's 7cm already. And the pain, dont ask! Huhu. I wonder how eh, everytime we went into that room, experience the pain, said we never wanna repeat. And yet, we got back there. Not even 2 years from the previous one! Allah is great! We will always forget the pain once we see the face of our children. Kan?

10.30 pm:
Nowwwwwww....after a hu-ha with en naza (my husband), it's 8-9 cm. Perghhh! The urge to push has also started. 15mins later, doc Kay arrived. And quickly put on her "work" attire. With me getting ready for the action. Masya Allah.. It was easy actually, but however, baby was a bit far from the "door" so I had to be vacuumed. Nice one! Huhuhu...

11.35 pm:
And she's here! Alhamdulillah!

Thanks to my husband, en naza for always being there through out the pregnancy. I know I am Sooooo depending on you, but you are all I have to go through this journey of bringing a new life to thia world. Thanks for taking care of me in the labor room.

Also to my mama, papa, and siblings, for taking care of my 2 daughters while we were expecting this baby girl.

Syukur ya Allah for this "gift".

We present to you, Nur aryana ateeya (cahaya kehidupan yang penuh pemberian)