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Saturday, March 8, 2014

the awaited gift

Assalamualaikum and good day to all.

Been a bit busy lately recuperating and kissing the smell of heaven at home. Yes, I have given birth - my third child. Alhamdulillah, Allah is The Most Merciful for He has given His blessing for us to have another baby after Aryan Ummar left us.

As I have always been doing before this, I would like to share with you my experience delivering this gift. This entry will also serve as a memory for the future.

June 2013
I was confirmed pregnant again! Subhanallah, the feeling is undescribable. Crying for His kindness towards me and my family.

3 Feb 2014
It's my 37 weeks checkup. Feeling big (as big as a watermelon), exhausted, and everything you could have experienced as a pregnant lady. But it's not time yet. "I'll see you again in a week ya. We'll do VE by then"

7 Feb 2014
Who would have thought this will be my last day working before maternity leave?

9 Feb 2014
that night, I didnt really sleep. Backache has becoming so tense. Almost 2 weeks now that i have been sleeping on a reclining chair.

10 Feb 2014
it's 3 am. Woke up as I can clearly feel something different. Like that urge to push something out. Got my gym ball and do a little of exercise to ease the pain. I prayed to Him to ease the pain. Woke up Naza and the next thing he did was getting the bags ready at the door. "Nak gi hospital sekarang ke?" "Taknakla. Mesti baru 2 cm je ni" "kalau camtu, try tido la kang kalau nak push pagi nanti takde tenaga pulak" To which I agreed and by 4.30 am, i fell asleep again.

8am. Getting ready to meet my gynae, Dr Kamariah of Tunku Azizah Maternity Home. In the shower, I can see some blood already. Okay, this is it! Shivering, I drank a cup of milo and some bread to go with.

9.45 am already. Dilated at 6cm already! Alhamdulillah! Ready in the labor room with Naza and our team for the day. 'Ubat berak' - poo time - 7 cm - they broke my waterbag - put me on a drip and add a little amount of oxytoxin - contractions coming strong! Legs cant stand still
Grabbed Naza's hand so tight, he cant move a single minute. Then I was given a penthadine to ease the pain (to be honest, it was not as painful as giving birth to Aryssa and Ummar. Dont know why they insist on taking this though, but it helped to slow down a bit).

12.45 pm and the Dr came in again (nice of her coming in quite often to see how am I doing). Okay she has changed her outfit to something look like a butcher at the market. "Okay Aida, dah 9cm ni. When you feel the contraction, you can push" and I was waiting and taking a deep breath I tried the best for my first push. No luck but the baby's head is showing in and out already. Second push was the same. Before the third one, I can barely here the sounds accompanying my baby. But I can hear clearly the Dr said "get ready the vacuum please. Aida, let's do this long one ya. Otherwise I have to use the vacuum" Again? (Yes, both aryssa and ummar were born via vacuum too). Not this time, I heard myself saying back in my mind. So, deep long breath and longgggg push it is!

1.14 pm and I can see her on my belly! Subhanallah! Crying. Crying. Syukur ya Allah.

Born with 3.7 kg (thanks to roti nan chesse RSMY, nasi daun pisang in Bangsar), this beauty is named Nur Aryana Shakyra (cahaya kehidupan yang penuh kesyukuran - for she came after our lost and showed us the meaning of syukur).

Thanks to everyone for your prayer. :)