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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Quick getaway : 4 of us

Assalamualaikum and good day to all!

Phew! Finally my confinement period ends and I always make it a point to have a short getaway with my small family before I return to work.

So our lucky charm blings; we got a free stay voucher at the Swiss Garden Hotel and Spa in Kuantan. Alhamdulillah. (How? Well long story, to cut it short, we have to spend almost 3 hours to get it). Checked in on 31st Mar and checked out on 2nd Apr. Yup not valid during weekends, these free vouchers.

We got a room facing the pool. So I got to watch Aryssa and her Abah playing in the pool from the room's balcony. Bringing a baby not more than 2 months old, both of us think it is best to spend time in the hotel itself. We bought meal vouchers too.
On room: 2 single beds which then we combined it so that we can stick together (and attend to baby Shakyra when she wakes up at night). Facility wise all in good condition. But I think if they have the best spa, they should provide a better toiletries range. The one smell just like when you come out of a spa. Oh, but we occupied the room with mosquitoes. We have bath tub in the room so I spent time in it rather than in pool. Bliss. Hot water and bubbles really took me away. :)

On pool: I didnt even touch the water. But from the look of it, they have pool for kids, adults and a jacuzzi. not much shade though, so bring your sunblock.

On spa: did I mention I brought my baby too? So no spa session for me. I did my relaxation routine while nursing Shakyra. Seriously it is fun and soothing to see her smiling at me. :)

On meal: buffet for breakfast was good. They have nasi lemak, mee goreng, pancake and all. I always love breakfast buffet more than any other meal. Lunch buffet was simple. It has all Malay dish abd fruits and dessert. That's all. Naza ate lots of lamb - cooked with black pepper. Now, for dinner buffet, we had dishes like the one you would order in a halal Chinese restaurant. And.. Grill station! Also pasta. Ok must admit I ate a lot that night (and on any other night. it's for my baby.. Hehe).

On facilities: we didnt use that a lot. But we went to their convenient store after swimming session. It has all that you want but be prepared to pay extra. Room service was fast too. Oh but there was a tine when I was in the room nursing Shakyra and I heard a knock. I kept silence and heard the door opened. I said: "yes?" from my bed. And the lady (must be the staff) said sorry and went off. When we were out for lunch, we hung up the "do not disturb" sign. surprisingly when we entered the room, it has been cleaned and rearranged!

I do hope there will be more sessions off home with my family. I really enjoyed it. Just to take your mind off from something. Next: in search of a good spa session. Yippie!