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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

My little pony: aryssa's addiction

Salam and good day to all!

Been trying to find time to share this post much earlier. But you know, there's always something getting in the way. Haha. Anyway, I'm sure many of you aren't familiar with My Little Pony characters. Well, I know it because my eldest daughter really love em. So as a surprise over the school holiday, we brought her to meet her fav cartoon characters. We didn't tell her anything. All we said (while getting ready) was: "okay, pakai baju pony tu. Kita nak pegi attend birthday party kawan aryssa"

Upon our arrival at Sunway Putra mall, she had this smile on her face; shocked, happy, unbelievable, etc. And the next thing we know, we had her playing all the games and enjoyed the show on stage.

To be honest, it's not to my liking to be in a crowd like this and waiting. But for aryssa, there's an exception. It's not always that we have ponies in town, right? Let's recap in photos!

We began the journey by registering ourselves and got this game card. Aryssa needs to go to each station of the six ponies and finish the activities before getting a stamp. When done, she will get a bag of goodies!

She's at Twilight Sparkles' station. All activities are simple so that kids can easily do it.

This one is Pinkie Pie's station. She was asked to dance and pose. Well, suddenly she became so shy and ummi has to dance and led her. Pity my baby in me. Haha.

And the bag is hers! Got vouchers, and most importantly: my little pony merchandise!

And then the ponies were on stage! The purple one is Twilight Sparkles and pinkie pie is next to her. Shakyra seemed too immersed. Haha. 

Well, as expected, she would be asking some.merchandise to buy. We end up buying her a sling bag, a luggage bag and a school bag. There. Damage is done.

Before we went home, we surveyed the mall. And saw this outlet. They have all sorts of babies' needs. "THE PARENTHOOD". The area looks like a street with shoplots and of course it was always a joy to just window shopped (liar).

Finally these two got to atay put while MI and Abah did some shopping. A tiring day. Indeed!

Whatever it takes to please my two girls! 

Till next time!

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